Our Light Show

Our light show started in 2019 officially when I attempted to install permanent lighting without doing enough research. Got one peak of our house installed and realized just how difficult it would be to control it using arduino coding and put a pause on things while we got through the birth of our second child. I spent the next 11 months or so thinking of how I could do things and in October of 2020 I had a plan in place for the permanent lighting.

I rented a boom lift from Home Depot and got to work installing the permanent LED light strips along the peaks of the house. There are a total of 4 of them that have individually addressable WS2811 style LEDs. These are all home ran to a Falcon F16v3 pixel controller from pixelcontroller.com. This controller also feeds differential receiver boards that are installed in satellite boxes for controlling our temporary props. For details on the specific props, check out the props page.