Welcome to Leyden Rock Lights!

My wife and I moved to Leyden Rock in July of 2019 after living in Denver since 2013. We are both Colorado natives and love this state. We moved because we needed more space to support our growing family as we were due with our second daughter that year.

One thing I was extremely excited about when we moved was the ability to put together a light show. 2020 marks the first year we have one going as the chaos of the move and pregnancy prevented us from putting one together in 2019. That does mean that our show is simply lights to set the groundwork for future years. However, our plan for 2021 is to have a full light show set to a musical playlist.

We hope to see you around next year when the show is really going! In the meantime, check out some of the other light shows across the Denver area (a list is provided in the Light Shows section of the site.

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