2023 Light Show

The light show is live for the 2023 season! The show runs nightly starting at 5:00 PM and runs until 10:00 PM through New Years Day.

This year brings the addition of light strips around the two garage doors to better fill out the front of the house. This helped balance the lights more and left less blank space in the show. We are also working on adding some late additions of a set of three 4 foot singing light bulbs to the show, which we expect to be up before the beginning of December.

Along with the additions of some new props and permanent lighting, we have also added and adjusted the songs. We have removed two of the songs and added a new intro song that was also the first time we have actually mixed our own music! We are still working on at least 1 more song that will be added this year, so the show will likely change a bit as the season goes on, so be sure to stop by more than once!

Happy holidays!

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